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Targeted Media Outreach - Shutterfly's Holiday Campaign


In the fall of 2004, Shutterfly retained the services of Baxter Group Public Relations to develop press material and provide media outreach services for the upcoming holiday season. The goal of the project was to generate exclusive feature coverage in top national publications, wires and daily newspapers in the top 25 markets for the company’s expanded product offerings in online holiday card-making capabilities and a newly introduced series of photo books.

To create a timely news hook we conducted a national survey to identify trends in photo card versus traditional cards during the holiday season. The survey findings supplied us with compelling information to share with the media. This, combined with a series of well executed news announcements and a unique looking press kit, provided a compelling story about Shutterfly.

We knew that the media would likely be receptive to stories about new trends around the holidays. For Baxter Group, the challenge was to understand not only the publication itself, but also how the specific reporters and editors had covered digital camera useage, online photography services, in the past as well as any personal biases that might exist before speaking to the media. In addition, we were working against the clock as all holiday stories could be expected to be completed by the middle of December.

Media Results

More than 300,000,000 impressions!

More than 300 high profile consumer, business and industry publications and broadcast outlets!

Highlights include:

      The New York Times

      Women's Day

      Better Homes and Gardens

      Tampa Tribune
      PC Magazine
      Washington Post
      Wall Street Journal
      Financial Times
      Detroit News
      Consumer Reports
      San Jose Mercury News
      The Plain Dealer
      The Baltimore Sun
      American Baby
      Baby Talk
      Chicago Sun-Times
      USA Today
      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
      Fort Worth Star Telegram
      San Francisco Chronicle
      San Diego Union Tribune



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